On Sat, 21 Dec 2019 at 15:13, Martin Kelly wrote:

Hey Hugh, Simon and Johnny!!
Thanks so much for last night.
You guys were the perfect closing act.
Everyone was up and dancing and there was a lot of love in the house.
It was the perfect way to end the night and the Clams get better with every show.
Thanks for donating so much time an effort to this one (especially Hugh).
I’m sure we will have raised well over £2000 for a very good cause.
We must do it again sometime!!


Bill Huber‎ to Galax Old Fiddler's Convention

24 June

This is only tangentially related to Galax, but I ask your indulgence, and to be patient with me and read on. The guitarist is Lynn’s cousin who is a professional busker in Oxford, UK. He’s obviously quite good, and lately he has been exploring Americana roots music and has formed a trad country band called the Prairie Clams. He’s been learning from us about Galax and has heard recordings ranging from the Trailblazers to Wayne Henderson to Buddy Pendleton to the NBB Bogtrotters to Shadowgrass to the Sloan County Ramblers to the Pilot Mountain Bobcats to Dori Freeman to Donnie Scott to 5 Mile Mountain Toad to the Wild Ponies. Johnny's also read Eddie B's excellent piece on old time music. The point is, don’t be surprised if you start hearing Sally Goodin or Reuben’s Train performed in the pubs of Oxfordshire. 

From: Deadbeat Apostles FB page, Sept 2018

3rd act announcement is here you lovely lot! Get ready for the hootin’ tootin’ beauties that are The Prairie Clams who’ll be bringing to you both types of music – Country ‘and’ Western – and all dressed up in some of the best shirts this side of Nashville! Us Deadbeats were lucky enough to catch their set at this year’s TRUCK FESTIVAL and were blown away by their intoxicating blend of traditional country swing and blues. Led by the one and only Johnny Hinkes, known to anyone who’s ever strolled through Oxford as the undisputed guitar king of Oxford’s street entertainers, he is joined by wonderfully talented bandmates Simon Winner and Hugh Blaza. The Deadbeats and other intrepid orienteers at Truck’s Apple Tree stage were wowed by their authentic and imaginative interpretations of an eclectic, not to say promiscuous, range of material. And now you can be too because (fanfare please) they’ll be joining us at The Isis Farmhouse for The Day of the Deadbeats 7 on Saturday the 22nd September!

Unfortunately I can't give you much information on this trio I believe they have been playing traditional country in seperate bands for many years and have now come together and created Prairie Clams I have heard a demo CD that was sent to me. Hopefully they will entertain you and you enjoy some traditional country music.- Ridgeway Junction CMC

The Prairie Clams – rock roots band specialising in vintage country swing and period covers, they chime in perfectly with material from the 40s, 50s and 60s, playing the music of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Bob Wills, Doc Watson, Sam Cooke etc.  Enormous fun and  in the early days of their career. C.F.

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